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SwitchOnBootcamp is a 3 weeks accountability program designed to teach you productivity and keep you accountable to your professional, or personal goals. Our goal is to trigger your mind and heart to be able to take action on your ideas, projects, platforms, products. Whatever it is that you’ve been nursing for a while. This Bootcamp will trigger you to bring it to life!

This bootcamp is not for anyone who is not willing to do the work, and execute on their tasks, as it is a “SHOW YOUR WORKING” accountability group. There are a few of these sessions throughout the year, click to find out when the next session is.

This bootcamp is much more than vision boarding and goal setting – you can have this figured out, and still not have the zeal to be accountable and make progress. If you want to be accountable and make progress? Switch On! is for you.

Who Should Join?

● Do you have great ideas but keep procrastinating?
● Do you need a push to turn your idea to reality?
● Do you need an accountability group that is designed to bring out the best you?
● Do you need to be able to share your ideas within a closed group?

What you'll Learn



The Bootcamp was a much-needed jumpstart to improve overall confidence and ability. It has also expanded my network meaningfully. If given the chance, I will enroll again.
Amaka Asiodu
I was amazed at how lessons were learned by more doing than speaking. Practical Learning is indeed very effective. If there was a part 2, I’d definitely sign up
Sandra Chimezie
Switch On Bootcamp is a bootcamp in every sense of the word. Tasks and activities are designed to hurl you into productivity and execution beyond your comfort zone, and they did just that for me.-
Joshua Onyeuche
I enjoyed the Bootcamp. I loved meeting new people, working and playing and forming new friendships. I learnt to just do the work and not spend so much time talking about the work It was a fantastic three weeks.
Adeola Babatunde
I signed up for the Bootcamp and it kicked off with a bang. Over the course of 4 weeks, our team dynamic improved greatly, and I was amazed at how vulnerability became a strength for the team.-
Samuel Iyiola
This boot camp further makes me understand the importance of consistency. It is important to show up always. Thanks, coach Lumina.
Oluwayinka Ajasa