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The Lumination Show

The Lumination Show is a video-podcast series that explores self awareness, and living life on purpose. The show is hosted by Adaora “Lumina” Mbelu. On this show, Adaora sits down with people whose journey are intriguing, and whose stories hold lessons that the world needs to hear about. The Lumination Show explores these stories touching on topics such as: Identity, Comparison, Embracing uniqueness, Imposter syndrome, Partnerships & team dynamics,
Overcoming self doubt, Collaboration, Gratitude, Capacity building. etc.

The show has featured guests such as: Sisi Yemmie (Award winning media personality and vlogger), Vector (Award winning Hip Hop Artiste, Songwriter, and Philosopher), Ladi Okuneye (Enneagram Coach and Entrepreneur), Patrick Koshoni (Founder,

The Lumination Podcast

Enjoy this podcast series that explores self awareness, and living life on purpose.

Lumination TV

Enjoy insightful and impactful video content that explores living life on purpose.

Lumination Live

Lumination Live brings together a live audience into a physical or digital space to discuss subject matter from The Lumination Show – Purpose, Self awareness, Leadership, Building Capacity, Building and sustaining growth habits, Owning your story etc. At Lumination Live, attendees from the Lumination Tribe are able to direct questions at our guest, and discuss matters contextually in a safe space.

Lumination Z

Welcome to Lumination Z, a platform that provides impactful and insightful content and resources for teens aged 13-19 across the world. 

Society is continuously evolving, and life is completely different now that it was in the past. Being a teenager in the 21st century comes with a ton of pressure that many parents didn’t experience growing up. Some of these pressures are related to Self esteem, stress, bullying, depression, cyber addiction, drinking, smoking, sex, anxiety, and lack of general clarity on life.

Parents of teens are often focused on their education, learning, and protection, while ignoring their Health, well being, participation in society, creative endeavors, and transition to work. Many adults believe that teenagers have time to grow and learn, and as a result do not engage these teenagers with information, and opportunities that will
provide them with clarity on subject matter where they feel confused.