Lumination Global Network

Switch On! Bootcamp

Switch On! is a 3 weeks accountability group that is designed to teach you some productivity hacks, and get you from a place where you’re thinking about ideas, to a place where you’re executing on those ideas.

This bootcamp is not for anyone who is not willing to do the work, and execute on their tasks, as it is a “SHOW YOUR WORKING” accountability group. There are 3 of these sessions throughout the year, click to find out when the next session is.

This bootcamp is much more than vision boarding and goal setting – you can have this figured out, and still not have the zeal to be accountable and make progress. Switch On! is for you.

Brand Coaching

The Lumination Brand coaching class is facilitated by Adaora Mbelu, with quality input from seasoned brand professionals.

Over the past 10 years, Adaora has worked as a project manager, Brand developer and Content Developer, on large, medium, and small scale projects across various industries – from FMCGs, to Banking/Finance, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, and even personal brands.

This course is made up of 3 modules that cover: Defining your Brand, How to position your brand in a saturated market, Storytelling, Building community, and Brand to sales conversion.

This Thing Called Purpose (TTCP)

Purpose is not a joy ride, it comes with great responsibility and there are moments that won’t be the best for you. But because of you, it will be the best for someone else.

Purpose is not just about your “Why” – Why am I doing this ?”, it is also about your “Who”- Who will benefit from this ? Purpose will push you to exist in situations and places that you ordinarily wouldn’t. This TTCP life class is designed to help you discover your gifts, accept your gifts, and use your gifts, on your journey through living a purpose driven life.

Whether you’re unsure of your purpose, or you are clear about your purpose, this class will help you get clarity to maximize your God given potential in this world.

One on One Session with Adaora Mbelu

Is there something that isn’t allowing you to be the best version of yourself? Do you need clarity on a particular matter? Do you need someone to talk to and give you guidance to help you break through resistance?

Adaora is available for one on one consultations that are guaranteed to leave you with a solution, and/or better headspace to be able to power through your challenge.

Each consultation is a 90 minutes virtual session, and you have the option to book multiple sessions, should it be required.